Do we really need to take photos of all we do? Do we prefer to live the experience of the moment we are living or receive few likes on the Social Networks? Is it better to take photos of the museum art pieces to keep them as memories?

Actually, for most of the people is difficult to keep the attention for a long time due to the hyper-connectivity. As a result, the museum and exhibition experiences are being disturbed.

This installation pretends to relate both concepts on a visual and interactive way, disabling the possibility to use another device while they enjoy (or not) of it.

Live the experience and feel the moment

Interactive Light Installation.
BAU, Design College of Barcelona.
APR 22 – 30, 2021.
Piece dimensions:
Width 1,2m × Depth 1,2m × Height 4m.
Space dimensions:
Width 15m x Depth 7m x Height 7m [highest point] – Height 4m [lowest point].
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