Over the years, under the guise of progress, we have exploited as many natural resources as we have been able to, without conscience or responsibility.

“Duality” is a cry for help from Mother Earth. It is a story about the plundering of resources that reflects the world that we are leaving behind for future generations. An immersive light installation that places the audience at the heart of a self-critical reflection: is it too late to give back all that we have taken?

Immersive Art Installation
Llum BCN 2022 Festival
Parc Central del Poblenou (Barcelona)
FEB 4 – FEB 6 , 2022
Piece dimensions:
Width 10m × Depth 10m × Height 2,5m

In collaboration with:
Laura Bonnin
Luis Colaço
Raquel González
Emma Iñáñez
Miriam Lalmolda
Ruben Oya
Elena Soler
Mariel Fuentes
Mónica Rikić