In the journey of building a sustainable future, there stands a concept known as the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. These three pillars hold the key to unlocking a world where natural resources are cherished, waste is minimized, and energy is conserved.

REDUCE Chap. 1

The act of lessening waste usage in daily routines by examining habits and making choices to curb excessive consumption, thereby helping to decrease the amount of wastage that fills lands and destroys natural resources

REDUCE Chap. 2

A significant concept urging the intentional elimination of unnecessary belongings and wasteful habits in favor of a moderate approach, fostering more meaningful experiences and deeper connections with oneself and the surrounding world.

REUSE Chap. 1

The practice of finding new purposes for previously cherished items instead of discarding them, either through repair or donation. Embracing reuse helps reduce the demand for new products and decreases the generation of waste.

REUSE Chap. 2

The creative practice of giving old items new purpose, transforming ordinary things into something extraordinary, and finding hidden potential in objects that might otherwise be destined for landfills. It celebrates ingenuity and inventiveness, encouraging a shift in perspective beyond an item’s original function.


The process of transforming used materials into new creations, thereby diverting them from landfills. This practice aligns with the concepts of Reduce and Reuse and is considered a vital part of waste management.


The transformative process of giving new life to discarded materials, allowing them another chance at a purposeful existence. Through recycling, valuable resources and energy are conserved, reducing strain on the planet’s delicate eco-systems. Embracing recycling is an act of responsibility and care for the Earth, inspiring a commitment to creating a greener, more beautiful world for future generations.

This project was fully made from reused and recycled parts and materials

Interactive Art Installation
Vilnius Tech LinkMenu fabrikas (Vilnius, Lituania)
AUG 4, 2023
Piece dimensions:
Width 70cm × Depth 70m × Height 1,7m

Tadas Diržys
Jonas Landsfeldt
Senuri Perera
Shristi Kaliraj
Gerard Valls Montaño

FabLab Barcelona
Vilnius Tech LinkMenu fabrikas
Aarhus University
Riga Technical University

Electronic components
EMP Recycling