NFT Art Machine

This project pretends to generate a momentary NFT art piece that origins and destroy after few minutes from a happening perspective. It makes the viewers to think about the environmental footprint that the own NFT’s generate.

This self generated art is created from the data of the NFT’s pollution that the machine transforms into a physical movement of a tray that contains liquid to generate infinite different art pieces. When the data changes, the machine creates a new piece of art and a camera placed on top, takes a photo of to upload it to an NFT’s gallery, contributing to create that pollution too.

Interactive & data interpretation installation
BAU, Design College of Barcelona.
JUN 7 , 2021
Piece dimensions:
Width 90cm × Depth 80cm × Height 1,60m

In collaboration with:
Berta Borrell Padrós
Dani Bejarano Galvis
Joel Boneu Bernadich