Òh!Pera is a project launched by the Gran Teatre del Liceu to commission four small-format operas which will be performed on the same day. Teams of young people selected in cooperation with Barcelona design schools have worked for over a year to devise these energy-packed shows, each of which lasts approximately half an hour.

The singers will share tales about their traumas, unconfessable secrets, impossible dreams and expectations with members of the audience as the latter tour the innermost recesses of the opera house, each show taking on added forcefulness by being acted at close quarters.

Participants include composers with ties to Barcelona and their chosen librettists, young stage directors whose productions are made in collaboration with schools of drama, design and the applied arts, locally born singers, and chamber ensembles made up of musicians from the Liceu’s conservatory: for the creative artists of tomorrow, this will be a first opportunity to work at the Liceu.

Experimental and Performing Arts.
Liceu Opera Barcelona (Barcelona)
JUL 8 – JUL 10, 2022


Composer: Marc Migó
Libreto: Lila Palmer
Director: Silvia Delagneau
Musical Director: Irene Delgado-Jiménez
Playwright Assistant: Albert Arribas
Lightning: David Bofarull
Movement: Ester Guntín
Répétiteur: Laura de Arenzana
Performers: Natàlia Sanchez (soprano); Cristina Tena (mezzosoprano) and Pau Camero (baritone)
Musicians: Sergio García Jiménez (violin); Laura Mendoza (cello) and José Miguel Román (counterbass)
Dancers: Diana Pop Belentan, Laia Camps Moll, Hanna Tervonen and Julia Romero Soriano
Scenography Design and build:  Carla Sivil, Gerard Valls Montaño and Maria Foraster
Costume Design: Manuel Mateo
Photography: Gerard Valls Montaño
Teachers: Núria Torrell, Mireia Feliu, Franco Casado, Joan Ros, Joan Manuel Martorello, Laura de Arenzana, Marta Morralla and Eva Vilar

With the participation of BAU, Design College of Barcelona