Wood Wide Web

When we walk through a forest we are not aware that under our feet lies one of the most brilliant mysteries of nature; a hidden world that we do not see but whose importance is crucial for the health of living beings and their survival.

Wood Wide Web is a light installation that simulates the network of subway connections that trees, fungi and bacteria use to communicate with each other. The installation conveys a visual representation of how these living beings connect their roots and, through biochemical and electrical signals, are able to feed, care for themselves and even alert themselves to potential threats.

Trees, fungi and bacteria may not have a brain like we humans have, but they don’t need one, because together they form a big brain in itself. We have built an artificial World Wide Web to speed up communication, but nature has been working on its own for years.

Immersive Art Installation
OffLlum 2023 Festival
BAU College of Arts and Design (Barcelona)
FEB 3 – FEB 5 , 2023
Piece dimensions:
Width 20m × Depth 40m × Height 4m

Andrea Badia
José Andrés Cubillas Gómez del Campo
Luis Díaz González
Carlos Dubón Grádiz
Marina Gómez Corbí
Biel López
Miquel Martínez
José Plata
Gerard Valls Montaño
Yuji Lee

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