Poly consists of an interactive audiovisual installation that allows visitors to create collaborative music compositions through visual interaction. The installation is based on the origin of music, using a pre-established musical scale to demonstrate how humans can combine notes to create innovative musical pieces.

This project not only allows people with little or no musical knowledge to interact with a musical piece but also provides an opportunity for those with extensive knowledge to create something collaboratively. Additionally, the installation highlights how each individual has an impact on the environment they manipulate, as a slight movement of a potentiometer can create a new collaborative musical piece.

Interactive Art Installation
Sónar+D Festival
Sónar+D Project Area (Barcelona)
JUN 15 – JUN 17, 2023
Piece dimensions:
Width 80cm × Depth 1,5m × Height 2,3m

Andrea Badia
Carlos Dubón Grádiz
Miquel Martínez
Gerard Valls Montaño
Arrate Ayala

Miquel Martínez

BAU, College of Arts and Design