All projects developed entirely on an individual basis, have very high standards of sustainability with constant review for future improvements. 

The main objective of the original designs and constructions is to maintain the best possible quality to avoid planned obsolescence and facilitate reuse, repair, and/or recycling.

The basic design is an essential part of the project, based on the three “R’s” mentioned above. It is designed keeping in mind that the structure is composed of common and generic materials, which can be easily located anywhere and at any time, and it is foreseen that these can be used between own facilities thanks to its modular design that offers enormous flexibility and adaptability.

As far as new acquisitions are concerned, are thought ahead, considering all the necessary aspects to obtain the highest quality while keeping maximum life.

All the materials used in the prototypes before the final result, in some cases, are incorporated into the project itself, and in those cases where this is not possible, they are disassembled and reconditioned for use in future projects.

The 3D printed parts, unless very specific technical characteristics of hardness or resistance are required, are made with PLA, a type of biodegradable polymer that facilitates its decomposition.

The base materials, within the possibilities, are purchased in local stores trying to maintain a minimal carbon footprint derived from transportation and favoring local commerce. 

The electronic components are a point that is constantly improving and there is still some way to go to reach the desired goal. Even so, like the base materials, they are purchased whenever possible, either because of their availability or type, in local stores. In cases where this is not the case, my stock is used from orders of larger quantities and a diversity of components selected based on a forecast of use for specific projects already planned, testing of ideas, and research and development for future integrations. In this way, transport emissions are reduced as much as possible in a single trip, avoiding a greater impact than would occur if they were purchased frequently and in smaller quantities.

Electricity consumption is always measured beforehand and we try to keep it as low as possible by using the best quality and most energy-efficient components possible. At the same time, these are programmed in energy-saving modes when the situation permits.


This website is designed with sustainability being one of my main priorities in mind. My goal is to achieve the lowest possible environmental impact whilst offering my visitors a great experience.

There are multiple actions to take so as to attain an optimal ecological environment; my meaningful contribution to this end is a sustainable webpage which, right now, displays some of the items I’ve taken into account during the creative process: 

· Green hosting
· Optimized videos
· Optimized images
· Optimized design
· Dark Mode
· Just one font
· SEO optimized

Still, this is not a final product. This is just the beginning.

Further to this, I’ve also signed the Sustainable Web Manifesto, committing myself to ensure that both my projects and website will be as well adapted as possible to achieve sustainable conditions. 

If you have any idea or want to help in the development of an ecological environment, do not hesitate to contact me


This website is hosted in a green server

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